Welcome to the ‘Nahar International School’

“The principle goal of education in the schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” – Jean Piaget


Our curriculum is designed to provide the best possible all-round education to our students through a comprehensive program


Holistic education is based on the principle that students find their identity and purpose in life by connecting to the larger community


Today’s needs of living and working in the contemporary world are affected by globalisation, rapid change and technological innovation.


Welcome to a whole new universe of learning, where the bounds of imagination are limitless, and each child explores ever expanding horizons. Here, we encourage the free spirit in every curious mind to imbibe, absorb, contribute and create new ideas and lines of thinking. Allow us to show you how we make this happen. You may browse through these pages for a better understanding of Nahar International School’s ethos. Feel free to make an appointment for a personal visit and to meet our team of Academic Advisors.











NIS Philosophy

We believe every child is a gift of God, born into this world with his or her very own unique strengths and human frailties. Each tender mind is filled with an amazing sense of curiosity, boundless energy to explore, an immense capacity to learn, and the ability to absorb all that is in the environment around.

At Nahar International School, we aim to provide a seamlessly stimulating surrounding that is both welcoming and embracing, yet, challenging and testing..

Inclusive Education

Many parents share one common wish for their children: to have a carefree and happy childhood. But children, just as much as adults, can experience distressing times and go through rough patches. Children’s temperaments vary and thus they are quite different in their ability to cope with stress and daily hassles. Some are easygoing by nature and adjust easily to events and new situations; others are thrown off balance by changes in their lives. When children are experiencing difficulties at home or in school their concentration and the way they behave can be adversely affected. We recognize that each child is unique with individual needs. To help children cope up with any difficulties we at NIS have set up a Learning Support Team. The team has a full time Counsellor and Special Educator.


Holistic Development

Holistic education is based on the principle that students find their identity and purpose in life by connecting to the larger community, to nature, and by subscribing to humanitarian values. The purpose of holistic education is not only to prepare students for academic success, but to enable them to learn the challenges of living as a whole that is learning about themselves, about healthy relationships, about social responsibility and compassion.


Extra-curricular activities

A rich education must extend beyond the basic academic subjects and at NIS we are committed to allowing all our students the opportunity to explore and develop their visual and performing arts capabilities. The school’s wide-ranging co-curricular programme offers activities of interest to all students in the school. Students are encouraged to participate fully in the athletic, artistic, social and cultural life of the school. Participation in the school’s co-curricular programme


Teaching Methodology

Today’s needs of living and working in the contemporary world are affected by globalisation, rapid change and technological innovation. Though, factual knowledge is in abundance and freely available, the ability to process and apply this knowledge effectively and wisely is now critical.


Your Children

                  NIS Learner Profile:

                                     Responsible Self-learners

                                     Confident Communicators

                                     Knowledgeable Initiators

                                     Compassionate Individuals

                                     Open Minded Thinkers

                                     Reflective Leaders


NIS limits entry and exit zones and has security posted to monitor foot and vehicle traffic 24 hours a day. In addition to security personnel, a closed-circuit television system records all persons entering and exiting the school. School personnel are screened at entry through digitized security controls that may include finger printing; entry and exit times are carefully recorded. Access to buildings is restricted by keypad, each with its own code and visitors must display a card or badge making them readily recognizable.


The sound of laughter is a potent catalyst: it is positively encouraged in Nahar International school. We believe that if students are happy in school and enjoy their education, the rest will follow. The most important thing we  want them to feel is a sense of fulfillment and therefore to be happy. The way it is felt can be so different. For some it is a feeling of extreme  joy; for others it is quite different and a feeling of contentment without highs or lows. It can be fleeting: a kind word or later in life the first break of the day. Or it can last a lifetime with the closest of relationships, family and friendships


Take a crystal ball and look into the future of education. What do you think you might see, what changes will be needed in our current system to prepare students for the modern world? At Nahar International School, our teachers are the facilitators! We explore education as a social institution that’s shaped by and part of shaping a constantly changing world.

Your children’s education and welfare are our main priorities