There are interminable positive effects of parent involvement on children, families, and school when schools and parents continuously support and encourage the children’s learning and development. At Nahar International School, these meetings called “Coffee Mornings”, which provides a platform for the teachers and the parents to interact with regards to their child’s evolving interests.

An effective parent-teacher partnership can make a significant difference in a child’s education, and the start of a new academic year is an ideal time to refocus this partnership.

The objective of each Coffee Morning is to approach each parent-teacher interaction as an opportunity to refine child’s individual learning plan and to make sure the roles of teacher, student and parents are clear, specific and designed to bring out the best in the child.

In this meet the teachers lay emphasis on the concepts of teaching undertaken in the class. Various approaches to the ways of teaching and pedagogical strategies are displayed describing the essence of the methodology used in the classroom. A simple demo class on a particular subject introduces the parents to their child’s class teaching. This simple fact enables them in dealing with their child’s studies at home.

As parents gain more knowledge of the teacher’s job, school curriculum and child development, there is more use of affection and positive reinforcement and less punishment on their children. This empowers parents to be consciously be aware of what their children are learning, enables them to help when they are requested by teachers to become more involved in their children’s learning activities at home.

Children from diverse cultural backgrounds tend to do better when parents and professionals work together to bridge the gap between the culture at home and the culture in school. Parents’ perceptions of the school are improved and there are stronger ties and commitment to the school.

Each “Coffee Morning” makes a valuable and important contribution to this objective with the sole aim of enriching lives of the children.

Coffee can’t cure everything, but it can cure the mornings! See you at the next Coffee Morning!!

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