“Sport is friendship. Sport is health. Sport is education. Sport is life. Sport brings the whole world together.” – Juan Antonio Samaranch

Today, we know that in addition to improved physical health, sport plays a primarily positive role in development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioral problems, and better psychosocial. Sport has a strongly positive effect on the five “C’s”: competence, confidence, connections, character, and caring. The discipline of training, learning teamwork, following the leadership of coaches and captains, learning to lose – provide lifelong learning for individuals.

Participating in sports makes children learn the important life skills of goal setting and time-management, combined with enjoyment; the development of a strong sense of morality; and the development of an appreciation of diversity.

These life goals are the very ones that education at Nahar International School is imbued with. The teachers, being student-centric and holistic in their approach, are keenly attuned to the development of both the students’ minds and bodies. Hence Sports Day at NIS is an important day indeed! The Annual Sports Day took place on Saturday, 23 January 2016, with much energy and exuberance on display.

The turf based ground looked stunningly beautiful and serene just before the grand event that was about to follow.

Welcome Speech – Thanking them for their time and presence, our teacher, Mrs. Tasnim warmly welcomed the esteemed guests and the parents. The overall flow of the day was laid out and our chief guest Ms. Andrea Thumshirn was introduced, who is a renowned hockey coach having produced many national and international players for Germany and now runs Hockey Village India, in the village of Jatwara, Rajasthan. Our Special guests – Mrs. Vaz, Mrs. Puja Nahar Oswal, and Nahar International School Principal, Mrs. Vandana Arora were also introduced and welcomed.

Lighting of the torch – It was a proud moment for the NIS team; students of grade VIII did the honour of lighting the torch and kick starting the ceremony in a truly sporting spirit!

Oath – Sports day oath taking ceremony was a superbly awesome affair! All the students and teachers gathered in the assembly mode and took the sports day oath. It was truly an incredible experience!

Sports Song – A beautiful engulfing song with meaningful words made for a wonderful and apt start for a competitive day ahead for the students. It inspired, motivated and fortified the students to be fair and compassionate during the day. NIS Students welcomed the Chief guests by presenting them with beautiful flower bouquets.

Pentathlon 1st event – Soccer Kick – which literally kick started the day!  Following that was awesome fun with the Ice Age dance by Grade 1 & 2.  It was so cute to see the students having fun all the while dancing to the simple but interesting steps of Sid’s Shuffle – The Continental Drift from Ice Age!

There were cheers and lots of encouragements for the young athletes as they participated in various events that followed –  Race for Grade 3, Jungle theme race – Grade 1 A and 1 B, Display by Grade 3, 4 and 5, underwater theme race by Grade 2.

Pentathlon – 2nd event – Standing Board Jump and multiple sports such as the relay race of Grade 4.

Pentathlon – 3rd event – Balance walk, which was quite tricky! And there was also the Ball dancing race by Grade 5.

Pentathlon – 4th event – High Jump, which was superb and  displayed an enthusiastic performance by the students…way to go!

Pentathlon – 5th event – 4 x 100 Relay! Phew! It turned out to be a truly sporting day!

Now it was the turn of adults present there to participate and display their sports skills in the Parent – Teacher race. It was great fun watching this one!  Truly spectacular was the Whole school display, the various departments of the school came together at a single platform to perform and create what could only be described as amazingly extra ordinary.

Last but not the least was the Closing ceremony. And to conclude the same, Mrs. Vaz shared her thoughts and feelings on the occasion. She highlighted the emphasis on the all-round development of the students, the hard work and efforts taken by the teachers and the sports trainers. She applauded the sportsmanship displayed by the NIS students during this wonderful day. She was quoted as saying ‘Each Child is a star …a winner in his / her efforts’.

The Parents looked happy, excited and proud to be there! The air was buzzing with excitement and there were loud cheers in the air for NIS athletes. A small look, a smile and a casual wink from the parent was enough to encourage and pump up the enthusiasm in the child to perform more zealously.

Students were successfully able to compete in harmony without either the stress of winning and/or the dread of losing. Discipline, comradeship and affinity were prominent during the event. What we saw was an example of healthy competition, the developing of friendships and acknowledgement of appreciation, the reliance on the team for performance and winning for the HOUSE!

Students, whether younger or older, always benefit from this hearty atmosphere where the competition exists only with themselves. This ensures plus encourages healthy living which leads to better lives for the ‘Future Stars of NIS’. Our School believes that Sports and Games is the right avenue to channelize the energy and vitality of students simultaneously creating educational value for the students, leading to stimulation for study and for hard work.

To be able to put this into perspective, each and every student of NIS received a ‘Participation Certificate’ for their contribution in making the Sports day such a Grand ‘Learning’ Day.

In the end each and every team member of Nahar International School was happy, tired and satisfied at having achieved what they set out to do. A successful event in which each and every person contributed generously – students, teachers, admin personnel and Support staff. A gracious THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

“The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.” – Steve Young

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