Dear Parents

This academic year, I would like to share my thoughts on an essential aspect of school - the need for a balanced curriculum.

For this, we must first consider the contrariety between the requirements of the International curriculum and the existing reality. International curriculums demand a well-rounded individual who is prepared to become intellectually, emotionally and physically healthy and is able to take the right decisions, not just for himself but for the betterment of society. On the other hand, the world around us shows our young minds that money is all-important, and that quick, perhaps even erroneous, decisions must be made to earn more of this gold dust.

This confuses these emerging thinkers. In school, they are taught to be honest, empathetic, thoughtful, hardworking and much more. But the minute they step out, they see people carrying out thoughtless acts, searching for short-cuts, indulging in cut-throat competition.

In this confusing atmosphere, they struggle to search for inspirational role models. Very often, they choose unwisely due to the socially and ethically degenerating environment.

How, then, can we ensure that these impressionable minds become balanced and thoughtful, action-oriented adults, and create a better world?

At school, we believe we can do this by showing them the human context to every concept they learn. We not only make them aware of real life challenges but ask them to ideate, innovate in order to think of solutions to these.

Curriculums play a large role in directing student awareness, thinking and action. We work on our curriculums with scrutiny, questioning our motives and practices: what are we teaching? Why are we teaching it? How do we teach it? What is the appropriate time to teach a particular topic? Why is it the appropriate time? These curriculums go through a continuous process of review and modification. And our students' feedback, their learning patterns, their contributions make them active participants in the process of curriculum creation.

However, we now reach out to you: let's think about how we can create not only an intellectually stimulating but also emotionally caring, as well as motivating environment for our young minds - in our homes, through our conversations, in our human dealings - so that they grow to be conscientious adults who are thoughtful of every action of theirs. We believe that together, as a community of, now more than 2000, adults, we can bring about a greater impact.

Warm Regards

Vandana Arora