Along with the CIPP curricular framework which focuses on the conceptual understanding of the three core subjects – English, Math and Science, the following are the unique features of Nahar International School curriculum.


In Surroundings, students in the early primary are introduced to the subject by exploring the local area. As they move to the higher grades, students will broaden their horizons and graduate to learning about national and international geography. They will also study topics like the weather, water, landscapes and different cultures. Students will be taken on field trips, learn to use maps, globes and atlases, photos, a variety of information sources, including the internet. This will help them to make connections and draw conclusions about wider global issues.

Our strength at Nahar International School is the exposure we give our students through Surroundings (Environmental studies- in early primary which will culminate into Geography in higher Grades) by initially gauging their prior knowledge about the local environment and thus progressing from national to international concepts.


Conversations is another unique feature of our Curriculum. Conversations aims at giving the children a better sense of themselves and the wider world in the present and the past. A child learns to recognise and express his/ her feelings, thoughts, ideas in a safe environment, which is an in built feature of the module.

In early primary years, the students learn how the past is different from the present. They compare everyday items and buildings of today with items in the past and consider how present life differs to the past.

At the end of the primary years, we offer a solid groundwork for exploring World History. Students learn about significant periods of time, including a study on the Romans, Ancient Egypt and Medieval History.

Throughout all grades, students will be able to look at a variety of artefacts and first and second hand sources, including everyday items, photos and information from books or the internet. The students are also likely to go on a field trip to enhance teaching further.

Life Skills Program
-Preparing our children for life . . .

At Nahar International School, we not only focus on the core subjects, we also aim to teach our children to recognise and apply sets of skills during their learning opportunities. The Life Skill Program aims at enabling the child to live a full life as a child and to realise his or her potential.

These skills are age and year group appropriate and are chosen to be built upon year on year, enhancing learning and will better prepare them for their future and enable a seamless transition from school into the world.