The Early Years Foundation Wing of NIS – A child's first step towards learning.

The Early Years Foundation Wing aims at giving education in its truest sense of the word, education that goes beyond the confines of academics, moulding the child's personality, building moral character, instilling a sense of responsibility... In short helping children grow up into responsible students.

Nahar International School is pledged to promoting value based education, values that sustain a modern society in a world without borders.

The curriculum of our EYF wing is a dynamic process which will be upgraded continually to keep up with the best international practices in Early Childhood learning. Our Curriculum aims at nurturing children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, to develop healthy habits, and to prepare them for life.

The purpose of our Curriculum is stimulating children's interest in learning and cultivating in them positive learning attitudes, in order to lay foundation for their future learning as well as fostering the child's whole person development, with primary focus on the following-

Physical Development

The physique of a child needs to be developed in the right manner; impetus will be given on the age appropriate games for children to graduate to higher, further developed physical activities. The EYF Wing will have simple structured physical activities like throwing, catching, kicking, running, jumping etc. to bring about the gross motor development, loco motor skills, cognitive development etc.

Mathematical Development

Maths will be approached as an essential life skill. We will use innovative activities and games, competitions, tours, excursions, visits etc. to make math learning a fun and enjoyable experience. Simple activities like pouring, measuring, counting, etc will clear the way for logical and analytical skills.

Cognitive and Language Development

Today our children need these skills not only for learning but also for interfacing and professional growth.Our school will play a very important role in nurturing these skills. Our curriculum will give equal impetus to all the four communication skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. Children will be introduced to these skills through lots of stories, conversations and group talks. Our children will be knowledgeable in writing skills but not much stress will be given to writing. Our aim is to make children read fluently before they step into grade 1 and converse confidently in a group and listen while others talk.

Affective and Social Development

The essence of education is character formation; teaching young pupils how to live in a society and encouraging them to think independently. Our children will be encouraged to voice out their opinions confidently. The basics in manners and etiquette will be introduced and emphasized on. The need of the hour is to educate our children to keep the lines of communication open, listen to them and let our thoughts and values be known to them without preaching.

Aesthetic and Creative Development

Pablo Picasso rightly stated -'Every child is an artist'. But the challenge is how they remain artists, once they grow up. Our aim is to make our children appreciate beauty and nature in the most creative manner, to discover for themselves the joy of music, dance and drama, to freely express their emotions without inhibitions and to discover their talents for themselves. Children will be given many opportunities to discover themselves during special assemblies, art fests, musical events etc.