Authorized IB World School, Diploma Programme (DP)
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Subject Group Options
I. Studies in Language & Literature
Language A:
English and Literature (Mandatory) (HL/SL)
II. Language Acquisition
Language B:
  • Hindi (for students exposed to Hindi) (HL/SL)
  • Hindi ab initio (for students not exposed to Hindi) (SL)
  • French (for students exposed to French) (HL/SL)
  • French ab initio (for students not exposed to French) (SL)
  • Spanish (for students exposed to French) (HL/SL)
  • Spanish ab initio (for students not exposed to French) (SL)
III. Individual and Societies :
  • Business Management (HL/SL)
  • Economics (HL/SL)
  • History (HL/SL)
  • Psychology (HL/SL)
  • ITGS (SL)
  • Environmental Systems & Societies (SL)
  • Global Politics (HL/SL)
IV. Sciences
  • Biology (HL/SL)
  • Chemistry (HL/SL)
  • Physics (HL/SL)
  • Environmental Systems & Societies (SL)
  • Computer Science (HL/SL)
V. Mathematics
  • Mathematics - Analysis & Approaches (HL/SL)
  • Mathematics - Applications & Interpretations (HL/SL)
VI. Arts
  • Visual Arts (HL/SL)
  • Theatre
A particular subject will be offered provided there is a minimum quorum of 4 students for the academic year.

CAS Program

CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) is at the heart of the IB Diploma Programme and is one of the required components of the DP core.

  • Creativity- exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance
  • Activity - physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle
  • Service - collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need
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